Galleries / His Whores


These days I’m obsessed with finding what is hiding in plain site within the art I’m creating. Seems like I mend the wound of saturation. I void the obvious and flush out the shy that lurks in the wetness. I take the thrown away realities and save them from themselves by displaying what is really there. What has to be there. It’s always been mine to share and grasp ahold of . It’s what drives my curiosity. To see what’s under there. What’s hiding? Or what’s been waiting to be found.

“His Whores” is a collection of left behind thoughts that took a life time to try and understand. I now understand all to well these days where the monster of art runs and where these ladies ran off to? I chased these ideas and demons until they became whatever they are now ? His whores are now indeed my whores, figuratively speaking of course.