Galleries / The Girls

Where do I begin? My constant will to pursue the concepts in my brain, soul and subconscious have always included working with woman for many reasons. The one, simple reason is that the woman I choose to work with, or the woman that choose to work with me, help to drive home my visions, utilizing their beauty and the strength of their inner beauty. I believe they work together as one very powerful and important element to create ultimate passionate work.

There is a trust made between humans that are sharing in the ability to create art, and because of that I’ve always felt that it was easy for me to be truthful about the art I am creating. I believe the work speaks for itself when seen in its true form. The colors in my mind swirl with beauty, similar to the round female form. If you know me, you know that I will photograph man, woman, whatever or whoever as long as I am interested and it is part of a larger thought. That is where the real truth hides.

I am always creating now for later. Everything being created now will be smaller parts of bigger wholes. I have been learning since the start, and began on this path long ago. I am not even remotely close to understanding what I’m doing on this path, while I engage in creating what is in my mind’s eye. This is a path I have chosen to explore, but at times I believe it explores me. It has been a long, joyful journey of constant learning while I work to capture what my mind has created. I am always trying to break my own mold, and advance my life through my work, which includes much more madness and preparation to convey what I would like people to see and feel.

in this space called “Reality”, I am very honored to have worked with all these wonderful artists. I learn from everyone I work with, and it makes me that much better the next time I go to work with new artists on new artistic endeavors. I also get to build with those on what we have established together, which always makes for new exciting adventures. I have so many photos to share that it seems like it would take forever to tell the stories correctly, so here are some of the concepts I have worked on with my friends over the years. Many more from the past will start showing their faces and many more who I have not even met yet will make their way into the family here on the new site. I always have so much fun when I work with the people I know on the art I’ve wanted to create, and when it’s all said and done fun is so important to the overall success to the concepts and finale pieces of work. No one wants bad energy now or lingering in a photo forever. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did working with all these wonderful people and artists. I give to you…